About Us

Our chickens come from Freedom Ranger breeding stock that is imported from France and was developed in the early 1960’s to meet the highest standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program. Our birds eat a vegetarian, antibiotic-free blend of feed that consists of locally-sourced corn and soybeans, probiotics, yeast, kelp and other micronutrients.

At four weeks of age, they move outside to their own large area of pasture, where they enjoy the sun, fresh air and whatever nature brings their way. We do not use cages to raise our birds, nor do we house them in large warehouses. We also take three times longer than industrial operations to raise our birds. This gives them time to grow normally, healthily and to pass the state-inspection process with flying colors.

We treat our birds well because we want happy chickens, and we know that translates into a healthier, better-tasting bird for our customers. Farmers, inspectors, and established customers notice the difference. After tasting our products, we know you will too!

As strong supporters of the local food movement, we believe in eating fresh, ethically raised food that is locally produced whenever possible. We are looking forward to meeting you, and we hope that you enjoy the fruit of our labors.


Chris and Maria practice sustainable agriculture and humane livestock husbandry practices, pasture raising heritage breeds, keeping the strains alive for flavor diversity. They even have a farm sanctuary area where they place poultry that is pecked and bullied by the other poultry, so they can enjoy some quality of life before processing