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Saturdays, we can be found at the Downtown Appleton Farmers’ Market.  We are at this market almost the entire year; June 20-October 30.  In the summer, it is located on College Avenue and our booth was located near Charles’ Florist and The Wooden Nickel (We will update this if that changes).

Occasionally, we will also be at other food events too.  Please check our Facebook page or calendar for more information.

We also sell our products off of the farm, and if we have time we can show you around too.  Just call ahead to make sure we’re there.


These businesses support local farms including our own, and use one or more of our products.  Please support them whenever you can, and find other businesses supporting local food as well.

Madison, WI

Oliver’s Public House

Heritage Tavern

Gotham Bagels

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies


A Pig In A Furcoat

Metcalfe’s Market Hilldale

*We have also worked with these establishments in the past: Merchant, Tornado Steakhouse, Nostrano, Alchemy, L’Etoile, Graze, Sujeo


Appleton, WI

The Free Market

Nutrition Discount Center – Appleton

Lawrence University

Stevens Point, WI

Nutrition Discount Center – Stevens Point

More exciting locations to come!!


My family and I have been purchasing Nami Moon chickens for over a year and we could never go back to grocery store chicken. Not only do we have piece of mind that these chickens were raised humanely and with great food and care, we also know it is the best chicken we have EVER tasted. When you bake a Nami Moons chicken, the whole house smells like heaven. We have used their stock kits and those k… Read more
Lisa and Gene HoodAppleton, WI