Our Products

Pasture-Raised Poultry

  • Whole Chicken $4.50/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Bone-In Thighs (4/pack) $5.75/lb
  • Drumsticks (4/pack) $5.75/lb
  • Bone-In Breasts (2/pack) $7.75/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Chicken Wings $3.75/lb
  • Chicken Soup Stock Kits $2.50/lb (5lb pkgs) (SOLD OUT)
  • Chicken Livers $4.00/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Chicken Hearts $4.00/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Chicken Gizzards $4.00/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Chicken Stewing Hens $7.50 each
  • Turkey Soup Stock Kits $2.50/lb (5lb pkgs) (SOLD OUT)
  • Whole Conventional Turkey $4.75/lb (SOLD OUT FOR 2020)
  • Bone-In Turkey Breasts $7.00/lb (SOLDOUT)
  • Bone-In Turkey Thighs (2/pk) $5.50/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Turkey Drumsticks (2/pk) (SOLD OUT)
  • Ground Turkey $7.50/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Turkey Wings $3.00/lb
  • Turkey Livers $4.00/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Turkey Hearts $4.00/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Turkey Gizzards $4.00/lb (SOLD OUT)

Pasture-Raised Lamb

  • Lamb Chops (2/pack) $12.00/lb
  • Ground Lamb $12.00/lb
  • Lamb Shanks $8.00/lb
  • Lamb Roast $10.00/lb
  • Lamb Stew Meat $12.00/lb

Grassfed & Finished Beef

  • Ribeye Steaks (2/pack) $19.00/lb
  • NY Strip Steaks (2/pack) $19.00/lb
  • Ground Beef $7.00/lb
  • Chuck Roast $9.00/lb
  • Sirloin Tip Roast $11.00/lb
  • Beef Short Ribs $6.50/lb
  • Beef Stew Meat $12.00/lb
  • Beef Liver $4.00/lb

Regenerative Wood-Raised Pork

  • Pork Chops $8.00/lb
  • Bacon $10.00/lb
  • Bacon Ends $8.00/lb
  • Brats $6.50/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Breakfast Links $6.50/lb (SOLD OUT)
  • Ground Pork $6.50/lb (Seasoned & Plain available)
  • Pork Shoulder Roast $6.50/lb
  • Smoked/Cured Ham $6.50/lb
  • Center Cut Ham Steaks $6.50/lb
  • Smoked Hocks $4.50/lb
  • Heart, Liver, or Tongue $4.00/lb
  • Ground Pork Fat $2.00/lb (SOLD OUT)

Pasture-Raised Eggs

  • Chicken Eggs $5/dozen

Hard-neck Garlic

  • Garlic $10/lb




My family and I have been purchasing Nami Moon chickens for over a year and we could never go back to grocery store chicken. Not only do we have piece of mind that these chickens were raised humanely and with great food and care, we also know it is the best chicken we have EVER tasted. When you bake a Nami Moons chicken, the whole house smells like heaven. We have used their stock kits and those k… Read more
Lisa and Gene HoodAppleton, WI